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Buying a property is complicated enough, selling a property shouldn’t be.  We keep it simple by eliminating the middleman and dealing directly with you. Getting paid cashfast is just what we do. Yes, we’ve had people dance out of our office.

Ready for your turn?

Why you & not a realtor?
The advantages are plentiful! Traditional home sales are an often long and arduous process. Preparing the property to make it “sale ready,” interviewing realtors who may or may not get the job done, and paying out thousands in commissions are just a few of the disadvantages.  We eliminate all of this by cutting out the middleman, dealing directly with you, buying the property as-is, closing fast, and paying you cash.
What if my payments are past due?
We can still help! If you are behind on your payments we can provide relief, fast.  Not only can we help get you paid cash, but we can also help you find another place if you’re past due on your primary residence.
Whether you’re past due or in foreclosure, we can still help you.  Time is of the essence in these cases, so reach out NOW & avoid any delay.
what if my home is for sale with a realtor already?
We are still able to arrange for the purchase of your property.  While you are still under contract with the realtor we will simply make our cash offer through your realtor.
How long does the process take?
Every situation is different, but we strive to move at your pace.  We can close as quickly as 10 Days or as long as you need, it’s completely up to you.
Do you buy condos or manufactured properties?
We do! The criteria for these is a little different, so reach out (here) and we can put together a FREE NO OBLIGATION estimate to see if we an help.
what fees or costs are there?
It’s really FREE! We leverage the latest technology to keep costs down and offer our Complete Property Analysis absolutely FREE. We are truly here to help you with your property needs whatever your situation.
so what's the catch?
There’s NO CATCH! Our focus is simple: To serve our community and show them that there is a better way to sell your property.  Still not convinced? Put us to the test. Take a look at a couple of testimonials below, or check out our A Rating with the Better Business Bureau. Reach out today and we will how.



we close…fast

Life moves fast enough, sitting around waiting for your property to sell in the 21st century just doesn’t line up.  There is a better way…cut out the middleman and sell your house direct, for cash.

We’re Here to Help You.

What People Say

“Juan was fantastic at assisting us in getting top dollar when we sold. He had great negotiating skills. Juan made the selling process effortless with his extensive knowledge in real estate and ability to explain the process so that we understood fully what was happening.”

Dev Snyder

We called because we were in need of selling quickly. John got it on the market very quickly, and with his style had immediate offers on the house. He was very quick to return calls, and answer questions. There were complications, but not at the fault of John. He guided is, and tried to solve the problems as best he could. He was a true advocate. I highly recommend him, and would go back to him for any future needs.

Michele Drivere

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