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WE’ll BUY your HOUSE as-is, cash.





You’re ready for retirement, the kids are out of the house, the house chores are too much, or maybe the walk up and down the stairs is more than it should be.  Whatever the reason, you’ve worked hard to get to this point and now it’s time for you to enjoy it.

Don’t feel trapped; learn how we can make the process simple and get you paid cashfast.


It seemed like a good idea, the TV shows make it look so simple but now your kitchen is half finished or worse, the investment property you bought is and now you need some help.  These situations happen all the time and can be a ticking time-bomb.

Hit the reset button & let us help get you out of this mess, we’ll buy your place as is.

Past Due?

The phone calls, the letters, the harassment…don’t subject yourself to abuse from creditors. Financial challenges happen; perhaps you’ve had a loss or decrease in income or an unexpected increase in your expenses.

Regardless of the situation, we can help! You’ve earned the equity, don’t give your house to the bank. We’ll buy it…cash, fast.


When tragedy hits a loved one, the last thing you and your family should be concerned with is whether or not an estate has been planned.  Unfortunately, the reality of this often un-discussed topic can become overwhelming in a hurry.

If your family needs to sell a home quickly to help cover medical expenses or other arrangements, we’re here to help.

What People Say

“Juan was fantastic at assisting us in getting top dollar when we sold. He had great negotiating skills. Juan made the selling process effortless with his extensive knowledge in real estate and ability to explain the process so that we understood fully what was happening.”

Dev Snyder

We called because we were in need of selling quickly. John got it on the market very quickly, and with his style had immediate offers on the house. He was very quick to return calls, and answer questions. There were complications, but not at the fault of John. He guided is, and tried to solve the problems as best he could. He was a true advocate. I highly recommend him, and would go back to him for any future needs.

Michele Drivere

Let’s Get Started

We’re Here to Help You.

About Us

With the real estate industry continually migrating to a less people-oriented business practice and the increase in expenses passed on to customers, our team has decided to buck the trend.  We are real people, with real families, that live in the same communities as you and we’re tired of hearing our friends share horror stories they’ve encountered in real estate.  Our focus is simple: to serve our community and show them that there is a better way.

Our team serves southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego and everywhere in between.  We are comprised of veteran real estate professionals that have a cumulative time of over twenty years in the market. From consumer real estate to fixing up houses, we’ve done and seen it all.

Our focus is simple: to serve our community and show them that there is a better way.


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